• God Lived With Them

Author: Swami Chetanananda
Language: English
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math Chennai
ISBN: 9788175051980
Binding: Hardbound

Who is Sri Ramakrishna? In the words of Romain Rolland, Sri Ramakrishna was the consummation of two thousand years of the spiritual life of three hundred million people. Sri Ramakrishna is one of the great religious teachers of our age,deeply revered in India and throughout the world.For many seekers,his life and teachings offer enough inspiration for a lifetime and more.Yet just as the power and warmth of the sun can be appreciated more immediately if we notice how it warms and gives life to all that it touches,it is edifying to read the stories of the people who were transformed by Sri Ramakrishna s words,actions and insights.Swami Chetnananda showed this very very well in They Lived with God where he recorded the life stories of twenty eight disciples were changed by Sri Ramakrishna.God lived with them,which recounts the lives of sixteen monastic disciples,is the perfect companion to the earlier work.It is highly informative,rich in details and anecdotes which make vivid the personal stories of these men who chose to leave everything and follow their master. The book can also be an immediate resource for prayerful reading and contemplation as the reader savours and takes personally to heart the encounters and words of practical wisdom which fills its pages.Swami chetananda has once again performed an admirable act of scholarly devotion by bringing together the early memories of these disciples of Sri Ramakrishna.


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God Lived With Them

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